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Hearing Process Watch our Video

Watch our Video

 MHRB, the Department of Human Services, Victoria Legal Aid and the Victoria Law Foundation have produced an educational video on involuntary treatment for mental illness and the review of that treatment by MHRB. The video explains the process of review and the rights of participants through three case studies, and shows how hearings and clinical reviews work. It also introduces viewers to the range of professionals and support people involved in the review process.

To view individual chapters of the video, select any of the following which can be viewed using any standard default media player like Windows Media player.


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Overview of Hearing Process

Chapter 3 Hearing Role Play (Appeal and Initial Review)

Chapter 4 VLA and MHRC Role at Hearing

Chapter 5 Involuntary Treatment Criteria (Section 8)

Chapter 6 Medical Officer Role

Chapter 7 Importance of Patient Attendance at Hearing

Chapter 8 Patient Participation at Hearing - Explained

Chapter 9 Board Decision Process & Deliberation - Explained

Chapter 10 Advice on Actions after Hearing

Chapter 11 Introduction to Clinical Review Meeting Prior to Hearing

Chapter 12 Clinical Review Meeting with a Patient

Chapter 13 Patient Participation at Hearing - Role Play

Chapter 14 Board Decision & Deliberation - Role Play

Chapter 15 Further Advice & Assistance

Chapter 16 Credits