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Practice Directions

Practice Directions & Procedural Documents

The Act authorises the President to give directions about the procedures of the Board.
The following list details the current Practice Directions:

1. Practice Direction 98/2
Administrative Procedures of the Board

2. Practice Direction 98/3
Observers at Board Hearings 

3. Practice Direction 2004/1
Report on Involuntary Status for the Mental Health Review Board
(replaced Practice Direction 2003/1)

4. Practice Direction 2005/1
Hearing Venues and Security 

5. Practice Direction 2009/1
Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 
(replaced Practice Direction 2007/1)

The Board has also published the following procedural documents:

1. Information for Authorised Psychiatrists and for all other Medical Practitioners appearing before the Board.  

2. Guidelines for Ensuring Compliance with the Rules of Natural Justice Patient Access to Documents before MHRB hearings. 

3. Guidelines for Adjournments